PGS 10 and 11 Gripper

Best gripping force, fastest actuation time, compact size.


Powerful Grip Force

The heavy duty grippers deliver up to 450lb of grip force with actuation time of 0.05s to open and 0.09s to close


5 Day Lead time

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Cost Saving

Compact Size

The compact grippers measure just 5.2“ long and 1.7“ wide. With compact End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT), PGS grippers provide a modular tooling system that can fit in a tight footprint


Durable Sensors

Robust and built to last, the PGS automation grippers in-pad or indirect sensors can detect part present or double blank

PGS 10 gripper

Unrivaled Performance

The IMI Norgren pnuematic grippers unrivaled performance, providing the highest grip force and fastest actuation time in the most compact size. Combining speed, strength, and ease of use, these can increase throughput (SPM), reduce downtime, and improve tooling lifetime.

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Built to last

Pressroom Gripper System (or PGS) are industrial robot grippers built for the most challenging environments required by the metal stamping industry. Made with a hardened steel chassis, the PGS angular grippers can come in contact with the blank to ensure part pick up while still maintaining its robust frame. In-pad sensors are also constructed with a steel face for increased durability, and integrated into the pad to keep the gripper size compact.

Easy to reconfigure

Almost effortless to reconfigure, the IMI Norgren PGS press gripper only requires a 4mm hex wrench and the removal of 1-2 bolts to change out jaws, pads or even sensors. Whether modifying your gripper for a new job or replacing pads, fittings or sensors to extend the lifetime of your gripper, the PGS grippers are easy and quick to reconfigure.

Fast delivery

Unscheduled downtime cause severe problems in your production schedule. With our new supermarket sheet metal grippers, select part numbers can be available within five business days! (Average seven business days for other part numbers.) In addition, since many of the PGS 10 and 11 components are identical, we can help reduce inventory and maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) costs.

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Partnering with IMI Norgren

PGS Features and Benefits

PGS Gripper Family Overview

PGS Jaws Overview

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Lead Time and Delivery



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Supermarket List

5 business days lead time for U.S. and Canada orders. 18 business days lead time for Mexico orders.

PGS Sensors

Durable sensors with part present and double blank detection capabilities, were designed for the PGS grippers.

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PGS Accessories

Accessories are available to integrate the PGS grippers with your tooling system.

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Reconfigurable Kits

Reconfiguration or repair of the PGS Gripper is quick and easy to do with a 4mm hex wrench.

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